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Coin Sorter CS730 - New £1 Coin Ready

Coin Sorter CS730 - New 1 Coin Ready

Coin Sorter & Counter CS730 - New £1 Coin Ready

The UK designed and manufactured CS730 coin sorter has flip down coin boxes to enable sorted coins to be tipped directly into the small plastic coin bank bags. This improves productivity dramatically and has proved to be more productive than any other coin sorter in its class! The CS730 coin sorter uses a 'continual count / sort & batch' method. This means that when one coin drawer is filled, the coin sorter holds that coin type back whilst continuing to process all other coins.


- Sorts, counts & batches 1200 coins in just two minutes
- Large pre-sort inspection tray stops foreign objects entering the coin sorter
- Foreign & damaged coins are automatically off-sorted out of the main count
- Count memory - ideal for the counting of church collection pots
- With thermal printer you can also have a print out of each pots count
- Or can just be easily used to bank all takings

Price: 3,995.00 (Excluding VAT at 20%)

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