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New £1 Coin Ready DeskTop Coin Sorter & Counter CS209

New 1 Coin Ready DeskTop Coin Sorter & Counter CS209

Coin Sorter & Counter CS209

Latest desk top coin sorter for the UK market latest version software enables counting of the new £1 coin alongside the old £1 coin.

CS209 coin sorter has the latest UK currency software, design improvements in coin processing over previous models, steel sorting disc and full access lifting lid to enable maintenance.

Suitable for coin counts of up to 300,000 coins per year - if you count more or have foreign coins that you can't off sort by hand you need a coin sorter with coin validation functionality, such as the CS730 coin sorter.

CS209 is modified & designed exclusively for Shopstuff.


Suitable for up to 300,000 coins per year
Designed for daily use
Sorts, counts & batches in one go
Steel sorting disk
Consumable feed disc
UK Sterling Coin Model
Latest UK Sterling software
Engineer tested before dispatch

Price: 449.95 (Excluding VAT at 20%)

CS209 Coin Sorter Why Buy Guide

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