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Cash Register Service Levels

Brand New Till - all the cash registers we supply are brand new unless you are ordering from our clearance section where it will be made clear that the cash register is not brand new.

Manfacturers Warranty - all our cash registers are supplied with a manufacturers warranty.

24/7 Support - We have two cash register technical support websites (www.casiohelp.co.uk & www.sharphelp.co.uk). Both contain manuals, quick start guides and useful step-by-step video tutorials on cash register operation and programming. These websites run 24/7 and are constangtly being updated with the latest tips and tricks on cash register operation.

Dedicated Phone Support - our team of trained cash register technicians are available from 9am - 5pm. Being an established company with employed staff we don't out source our techncial support.

PDI Test - your cash register is unboxed, inspected and tested prior to dispatch to prevent out the box failures.

Customised Programming - your cash register is custom programmed by one of our technicians to your specific requirements. Programming varies depending on the cash registers functions, but the service includes performing the cash register initialisation, language setting, date/time setting, memory allocation, supply & fit of the memory protection batteries, programming the receipt header with your shop name and business information, programming individual products and/or departments as required.

Personalised Key Caps - on retail cash registers we fit a personalised, laser printed key cap with the product or department name on each of the programmed department, group or product buttons. On flat keyboard hospitality cash registers we produce a laser printed, colour keyboard detailing each product button. The personalised key caps / keyboard not only assist your staff using the cash register, but also provide a professional, personalised finish.

3 Year Warranty* - we supply a two year extension to the the standard manufacturers warranty.

The price difference between the service levels varies from cash register to cash register and takes into account factors such as how long it takes to program the machine. We passionately believe that the Platinum service is competively priced on all of our most popular cash registers and know from experience that customers who order on Platinum are glad they paid the extra to have their cash register fully programmed and supported.

*Please note that the 3 year warranty is only available on certain cash registers. Check till listing for full details.

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